Hey Everyone!!

Welcome to my page! Currently, I am using this for my story, Denied Love.  Please feel free to comment and advise me on the Advice page. 😀

I also made a character sheet for each one of my characters! You can find that in the Category section on the right. You will also find my story and some reports there as well. I hope you enjoy them… O.o

As of now, my favorite author is Story Creator. I tend to follow her stories a lot…heehee. But they’re pretty great! I have her as one of my links- click on it and read her stories! It won’t be a waste of time! 😀

Well I’m off to work on my story… see ya!

•○Gladiolus Peridot○•


3 Responses to “About”

  1. I’m so glad to see you’ve finally created a blog! I can’t wait to read some of your stories! But I better keep an eye on you, you might turn out to be my biggest competition! =)

    Respectfully Yours,
    Story Creator

    • Lol I sincerely doubt I’m good enough to be your competition. xP But thanks anyways! It means a lot!

      •○Gladiolus Peridot○•

  2. Wow. I’m intrigued. I’ve literally just started reading your story and I’m HOOKED! I’m definitely putting a link to this on my blog because more people need to read this.

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